Ragid Kader -
Career Coach
Solution Architect
Technology Evangelist

I am a Certified Career Coach (CCC) and Personal Branding Consultant working with individuals in all stages of career development. I specialize in helping people make career transitions and have had success working with such populations as millennials, Expats in transition, and career changers. Helping clients build their personal brands to become the stand out candidate or professional in their chosen field is what I do best.

I provide a wide range of services for clients including:
  • Career Coaching.
  • Career Transition Coaching.
  • Professional Strategy Consulting.
  • Personal Branding Strategy.
  • LinkedIn Profile Development.
  • Interview Preparation and job search techniques.

In conjunction with my career coaching practice, I frequently present workshops and webinars on a variety of career and branding related topics to Professional groups, and non-profits. 

Popular presentation topics include:
  • Building your Personal Brand.
  • You and Your Dream Career.
  • Managing your 40+ Career Crisis. 
  • Re-entering the Work-life after a Career Break.

Prior to becoming a career coach, I went by myself for multiple career coaching sessions with leading coaches from the UK, middle east & India to bring clarity to my dream and skills. The year 2012, I was helping my friend to find his path of passion which help me to find mine too.