Adding Values to Dreamers life...

Prior to becoming a career coach, I went by myself for multiple career coaching sessions with leading coaches from the UK, middle east & India to bring clarity to my dream and skills. The year 2012, I was helping my friend to find his path of passion which help me to find mine too.

Keynote Speaker & Coach on Technology Innovation, Service Strategy, Career Development & Self-Learning

Inspired by technology and its related career opportunities to solve the most demanding business challenges

I have a passion to create outstanding personal brands for my clients, which build abiding impression to their tribe and standout candidate or professional in their chosen field is what that do best.

Also specialize in helping people to make personal brand launching and strategic career transitions with outstanding results, working with such populations as millennials, expats in transition, and mid-career changers.

I am based in Dubai, UAE, and work as a IT Architect at NYU Abudhabi, and draw upon over twenty years of work experience in different business domains such as Consulting, Oil & Gas, Retail, Real Estate, Insurance and Education. I became familiar with a very demanding business environment, with targets and work overload as well as flexible and innovative business environment.

My Vision

Creating a tribe of passionate professionals who connected their passion to right profession and those personal branding will be standout with the values they provide

My Mission

My mission is to guide dreamers to be the most vibrant expressions of who they are in their career. I am excited to helping individuals become the one they most want to be.

My Journey Towards Excellence